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Meet the Team

Chris Snellgrove

Chris is the Founder and President of Digital Media Nation LLC. With more than 25 years of business development and sales experience, Chris understands the importance of building relationships with clients, prospects and business partners. He considers these relationships the foundation of his success growing and managing multimillion-dollar businesses. Chris has a long history driving ROI from marketing efforts in the automotive industry.

His unshakeable determination and strategic sales acumen enable Digital Media Nation LLC to transfer best-in-class digital marketing practices to businesses of all sizes. Today, his remarkable insight into marketing trends, consumer behavior and the needs of small and mid-sized businesses are used to develop unique digital marketing solutions that enhance the customer experience and build trust. Under his leadership, our clients are able to build, manage, protect and market their customer experience to drive referrals, reduces marketing costs and increase close ratios

Cary Greenberg

Cary is Vice President of Sales and Operations at Digital Media Nation LLC and is a graduate of Texas A&M University. Cary has an extensive background in product branding, marketing, sales and sales management. He is also proficient in project management, digital technology, operational supply chains, and is heavily experienced with customer and employee relationships. He is a very energetic, creative and results oriented senior executive. Cary’s passionate leadership style and ability to communicate company goals and directives in an effective and motivating way has always showcased consistent financial results.

Cary’s specialties include Sales & Business Development, Product & Services Development / Management, Retail Buying, P&L Management / Budget Administration, Contract Negotiations, Category Analysis & Rationalization, Inventory Management, Marketing & Advertising Planning, Accountability & Dependability, Team Building & Leadership and Building Strong Relationships.

As a proven professional, Cary’s goals are to contribute to the success of an organization by utilizing his vast management skills and experiences in developing associates to become future executive leaders.

Mark E. Tilton, II

Mark is both the Chief Technology Officer and a Managing Partner at Digital Media Nation. He brings critical Information Technology (IT) and security experience to the business. From the configuration of to integration with CDK Global and other data providers, Mark is systematic and level-headed in the face of every technical challenge. His composure and laid-back style benefit his golf game and disguise his frustration after losing his quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, of his beloved Green Bay Packers.

Mark was raised in a small farming town in Northern Illinois. He attended the University of South Florida, where he received a BS in Management Information Systems.

Mark’s diverse technical background is built on more than 18 years serving in a variety of IT positions at The Coca-Cola Company. As part of the Client Strategy & Engineering team at The Coca-Cola Company, Mark was responsible for establishing global standards, architecture and integrations for several client facing technologies.

Loren Najour

From racing and working on the fastest cars to hanging out with Snoop Dogg and Pharrell, Loren has lived quite a life. She may be the Executive Assistant here at Digital Media Nation, but she does it all. We’re not sure what the office would do without her.

In her spare time, she wines and dines in Mexican and gives her love and affection to her cats. When it comes to being awesome, she embodies it.

Katrina Johnson

Say hello to Katrina Johnson, a marketing assistant at Digital Media Nation LLC. As a graduate of Georgia Gwinnett College with here Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Katrina was excited to have the opportunity to move into a full-time position directly out of college. She is literally a ball of energy as you will find here skipping, dancing, and jumping up and down the halls of Digital Media Nation. If she isn’t dancing around, she is probably busy building social media content in a pair of big fluffy socks. She manages various social media clients, updates the Digital Media Nation LLC website and works in HubSpot to keep the ball on track!

Katrina enjoys blogging and vlogging for her personal website, eating out at new restaurants, and soaking up the sun on a beautiful day in her free time. She encourages others to never give up and to always follow their dreams no matter how crazy they may sound! If you happen to stop by Digital Media Nation, feel free to say hi or even join her in some hall dancing if your heart desires!

Dayvon Kimble

“Even in the face of failure, it’s not the end of the world. I just get back up and do better.” 

What a quote from our Director of Media that he created. Well not really. But it’s deep though.

He graduated from Georgia State University in 2014 with a degree in Journalism. Originally wanting to be a broadcast journalist, he fell into the world of social media marketing and never looked back.

Three interesting things about Dayvon is that he’s an adrenaline junkie, partaking in things such as skydiving and zip lining. He’s an avid lover of fruit snacks. Plus, he saved a lot of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico.

Aaron Meynarez

Aaron Meynarez was born and raised in Duluth, Georgia. He has always had a wandering heart and has lived and traveled to various states and countries! Aaron came to Digital Media Nation LLC after moving back from Haifa, Israel. Before finding his home within the company, he worked for Banc De Binary in Haifa selling Binary Options and Forex. He has multi-national experience in selling and dealing with foreign banks and financial institutes from far and wide.

When Aaron isn’t selling he enjoys spending time in nature; hiking, camping, fishing and bringing his dog to the lake. He continues to travel and has South America on his list to explore next. Aaron brings heart, passion and an unrelenting drive to show results! That’s why we have dubbed him The Wolf of DMN!

Aneil Dammar

Meet Aneil Dammar! He is 23 years young and a recent graduate from Georgia Gwinnett College where he studied Marketing. Aneil started working at a very young age, not because he had to, but because he enjoys working. He likes to stay busy knowing that every day brings new opportunities to learn and grow.

When Aneil is not working he likes to spend time in the garden picking vegetables or doing anything that involves being outside really. He is very family oriented and loves being around great people, which explains why he is happy to come to work at Digital Media Nation every day!

Nicole Lovett

Say hello to Nicole Lovett, another one of Digital Media Nation LLC’s interns that is on track to graduate in the Fall of 2017. She is exited to be gaining some hands on experience in her field and feels that the internship is the perfect opportunity to finish out her college career with a BANG! Born and raised in a suburb of Atlanta, Nicole considers herself to be a simple southern girl who’s all about family & friends. She likes to surround herself with positive, happy, and sometimes goofy people, which is why she fits in perfectly with the culture of Digital Media Nation LLC.

If she isn’t in the office working then you can probably find her studying or enjoying the outdoors. Nicole loves Lake Hartwell where she hikes, camps, or simply floats around planning her next adventure. Her dream is to travel to the hidden gems of this world and aspires to see the Northern lights and the beautiful country of Ireland. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good view?

Samantha Phillips

Samantha Phillips is an intern at Digital Media Nation LLC. She was born in New Jersey and then moved to Georgia at the age of 16. She graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College with her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. Samantha values that she had the opportunity to study abroad in three different countries including Switzerland, Belgium and France and is ecstatic that she had the chance to experience some amazing cultures.

During her free time, she enjoys being a food junkie and observing outdoor activities in Atlanta, Georgia.

Zoe Snellgrove

Meet Zoe! She is what we refer to as the Queen of the Castle here at Digital Media Nation. Zoe loves being the center of attention and the gatekeeper for all the toys. Her brother Teddy is a pretty chill guy but Zoe tends to get him worked up a bit with her antics.

You will find Zoe running around the office in full speed, zipping and zapping into different offices for some love and affection, sleeping the arms of a coworker or just being as cute as she can be 24 hours of the day!

Teddy Snellgrove

Say hello to Teddy. We are pretty sure he gets his name because of how much he actually resembles a teddy bear but also because Teddy is short for Theodore. He is a pretty chill guy and enjoys going with the flow. He is definitely the zen to his sister Zoe’s zang, and loves to cuddle.

Hard at work, you will find Teddy sleeping on the job, chasing balls and toys down the office halls or enjoying a treat or two here or there. If you come by Digital Media Nation don’t forget to give this little guy a pet!