Kudzu.com Going Offline on Nov. 30

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Heads-up local business owners!  Kudzu.com recently announced that it will be going offline on November 30. More than a million local businesses around the country have reviews on the site and need to act quickly to preserve their valuable feedback from customers.

If you aren’t familiar, Kudzu.com is a platform that matches companies with homeowners who are searching for their services, and they provide feedback from customers who have already used these services.

However, now that Kudzu.com is going offline, businesses are in danger of losing all the reviews they have collected! The Digital Media Nation team is here to help. Our founders recently hosted a webinar for local businesses looking to leverage their Kudzu content! Please check out the recording of our recent webinar if you are interested in preserving your Kudzu.com reviews and shifting from review generation to reputation marketing. We outline a three-part transition strategy for businesses managing through the shutdown and pack in lots of specific tactics that our clients are using every day to attract new customers. Please visit www.dmn.reviews/KudzuShutdown for more information.

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